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Speeding Fine Calculator

Fines for a fixed penalty notice are set at £100.

If you go to court (either because you contest the fixed penalty notice) or because your alleged speed above the speed limit ios excessive your fine will be at the discretion of the magistrates but within certain guidelines

Less serious speeding offences are classified in band A and will attract a fine of between 25% and 75% of weekly income. See speeding fine calculator above.

More serious speeding offences come into band B and are calculated at between 75% and 125% of weekly income. You can find out more details here.

Note - new UK speeding fine guidelines came into force spring 2017:

Speed limit (mph) Recorded speed (mph)
20 41 and above 31-40 21-30
30 51 and above
41-50 31-40 
40 66 and above
56-65 41-55
50  76 and above
66-75 51-65
60 91 and above
81-90 61-80
70 101 and above
91-100 71-90
Sentencing range  band C fine
(150% of relevant weekly income)
band B fine
(100% of relevant weekly income)
band A fine
(50% of relevant weekly income)
 Points/disqualification Disqualification for 7-56 days OR
6 points on your licence
Disqualification for 7-28 days OR
4-6 points on your licence
3 points on your licence

As well as calculating speeding fines, the above table will act as a speeding points calculator. The more excessive your speed, the higher number of speeding points you will get on your licence.

The speeding fines calculator above should only be treated as a guide. If you are in doubt about your case you are advised to consult a speeding fine lawyer. Many will allow a free online consultation.


Speeding Fine Calculator and Points Calculator

You can calculate speeding fine and the number of points you will get for a speeding offence by using the speeding points calculator below.

Enter the speed limit and the speed you were alleged to be travelling and it will tell you how many points you will get on your licence. Then navigate through to the page which tells you about fines in bands A and B



Speeding Fine Calculator

Speed Limit:
Actual speed in Mph:

To find out more about band A and band B fines click here