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Speeding - Mitigating Circumstances

If you know that you were speeding and are intending to plead guilty, it may be worthwhile to try to plea for a lower sentence due to mitigating circumstances.

This is particularly true if you were considerably over the speed limit and are being dealt with by way of summons.


A plea of mitigation in a case of speeding may include

the circumstances involved at the time of the speeding offence, eg a serious emergency,

or the hardship that would be caused to others especially for instance family members if you were to lose your licence. Examples would be the financial hardship to your family if you lost your job or if you have sick or elderly family members who you need to transport.

Many celebrities have avoided speeding bans by pleading mitigating circumstances.


Mitigating circumstances could include:

A reason why you were speeding (especially medical emergency)
Hardship you would face by losing your licence - loss of job, family transport particularly if their is illness or other special needs in the family
Family circumstances

It can often be worth attending court in person if you wish to make a mitigating plea. Here are some useful hints