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Latest Speeding News:

A speeding motorist has been jailed for 20 months in South Wales for cause death of another road user when speeding for thrills. Kevin Sparkes lost control of his car on the B242 while driving around a bend at an estimated 66mph. more

The Lancashire Evening Post reports that residents in Preston have branded new 20mph speed limit zones without traffic calming measures a complete waste of money after a child was knocked down in Fulwood. more


Have you been flashed by a Speed Camera?

Do you need to know about speed camerafines? Did you get an NIP through the post for exceeding the speed limit? We have comprehensive information about all this and more.

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Types of Speed Cameras


The most common speed camera on UK roads is the Gatso. At a pre-determined speed the camera is activated and flashes. The Gatso usually photographs the rear of the car but can occasionally be set to flash oncoming motorists. This is rare as the camera flash in the face of the motorist may be considered not safe. As it takes a picture of the rear of the car, the gatso can not normally be used to identify who the driver was.



The Truvelo camera faces towards the oncoming traffic and can be used to identify the oncoming driver. They are becoming more commonplace. This speed camera does not produce a flash but uses an infra red flash triggered by sensors in the road.


spex Specs cameras use automatic number plate recognition and record the avarage speed of vehicles travelling between two sets of cameras. More on Specs>>



Despite the increase in fixed cameras such as gatsos and truvelos, the use of hand held radar guns is still widespread. Radar guns need to be strictly calibrated and the operator should not be "hiding"

A new type of speed camera was introduced in 2009. We already had specs cameras on our roads which measure average speeds. The new camera called specs3, also measures average vehicle speeds. But is able to do so amongst a network of cameras, not just between two connected cameras as with the original specs cameras. The new speed cameras will read the number plate of speeding vehicles automatically transmit data to a processing centre which automatically generates an NIP.

If you think you may get a speed camera fine because you have been flashed by a speed camera then you may want to check if you have been caught speeding. The registered kleeper will get a notice on intended prosecution within 14 days.