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How Long Do Speeding Points Last?

For most simple speeding offences the points last for 3 years but actually stay on your driving licence for four years. After four years the points will normally be removed.


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- how long do speedig points stay on my licence?

- ho do I get a speeding points endorsement removed from your licence?


A simple speeding offence is recorded on your licence as SP30 - exceeding the statutory speed limit on a public road. The endorsemtn will stay on your licence for four years. after that time it can be removed. Since the aper counterpart of the driving licence was abandoned most expired endorsements will automatically be removed from your driving record when they’re no longer valid and so no action is required to remove the points from your licence.

How do I know if I have points on my licence?

You can check your driving licence at the Governemnt website here.

You will be given a code which remains valid for 21 days so that you can check if you still have points on your licence.