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Speeding Defences

"I do not know who was driving at the time of the alleged speeding offence"




It is possible, where a vehicle is regularly driven by more than one person, that the registered keeper of the vehicle does not know who was driving at the time of the alleged incident. The registered keeper is obliged to make every effort to discover who was driving by reference to fuel receipts, diary entries or any other means.

In the case of a company owned vehicle, there is a presumption that the Company know who is driving a given vehicle at any one time and that records will be kept to substantiate this. This will be especially relevant for insurance purposes in the case of an insurance claim.

If you do not know who was the driver, you cannot merely refuse to complete the form. If you do this you will be liable to a fine and six points on your licence. You must reply to the form stating that you do not know who was driving.


This defence has been succesfully used in a number of high profile cases. However it is a risky strategy ato use if you do in fact know who was driving as it is likely that your defence will be looked at very carefully and if you are found to be lying this could get you into further trouble.