Speeding Fines UK

What happens if you get flashed by a speed camera will you receive a UK speeding fine? Explore our site to get the lowdown including what to do if you get a notice of intended prosecution, speeding fines and penalties and defences to UK speeding tickets.

1. Notice of Intended Prosecution

If you have been caught speeding you will receive a Notice of Intended Prosecution (NIP). If you were stopped by a police office this may take the form of a verbal NIP. If you were flashed by a speed camera, then the NIP will be sent through the post to the registered keeper of the vehicle. Find out more about Notice of Intended Prosecution and time limits.

2. Court Hearing or Speeding Fixed Penalty Notice

Whether you will have to go to court or will be dealt with by a Fixed Penalty Notice depends on the speed limit of the road you were in and by how much you were exceeding the limit. See table to show whether you will have to go to court for speeding or if you will get a fixed penalty notice.

3. Speed Awareness Course

If your speed did not exceed the limit by too much you may be offered a speed awarness course. These can cost between £60 and £120 for the day long course and you will receive no penalty points on your licence and no speeding fines. Find out more about whether you may be offered a speed awareness course.

4. Speeding Fines UK

There is a fixed table of recommended fines and penalties for speeding. You can check it out here. The basic speeding penalty under a Fixed Penalty Notice is £100 fine and 3 points on your licence. New maximum speeding fines come into force April 2017.

5. Defences to Speeding Fines and Mitigation

There are a number of possible defences to a speeding which you can find out here. Defences would include where you were not driving the vehicle at the time, where you don’t know who the driver was, where the vehicle has been incorrectly indentified.

6. How long do Speeding Points last?

The length of time the points will stay on your licence depends on the offence you are convicted of. Usually the points stay on your licence for 4 years.