Avoid Speeding Fines

7 Tips to help Avoid Speeding Fines

There are several ways in which you could seek to avoid getting speeding tickets. We recommend only 1 & 7 below!

1. Keep within the speed limit. This is a virtually fool proof way of avoiding speeding tickets. Very few people who keep to the speed limit get a speeding fine

2. Claim diplomatic immunity. If your vehicle has diplomatic plates you may be able to get away with it

3. Use false number plates. This is very risky and of course illegal. Your insurance will be invalid. Don’t do it!

4. Bribe someone else to say it was them driving. Numerous people get caught every year, claiming that someone else was driving. Don’t do it!

5. Leave the country and never return. A little drastic!

6. Use a number plate spray. Indications are that these are illegal and often don’t work anyway! Check out this case brought by Dorset County Council Trading Standards Service. The manufacturer was convicted simply because the number plate spray didn’t work!

7. Drive at speed legally at a motor racing track

Joking aside there are a number ways of a voiding a speeding fine if you have received a speeding ticket (NIP) and think that it was incorrectly issued. For instance you may believe that you were in fact complying with the speed limit. Or you may believe that the correct speed limit was not correctly posted for instance if the speed limit signs were  absent or hidden in some way. If you want to avoid a speeding fine then, whether you have a good case or not to avoid the speeding fine you should read the NIP carefully to ensure that you comply with its requirements. Don’t just ignore the NIP. It will be sent to the registered keeper of the vehicle. So if you were the driver but are not the registered keeper then the registered keeper will need to put your details down on the form to indicate that you were in fact the driver of the vehicle at the time of the alleged speeding offence.