Speeding Points

The number of points that you get for speeding will depend on a number of factors including how fast you were going and what the speed limit was at the time of the speeding offence.

If your speeding offence is dealt with by a fixed penalty notice (FPN), which is normally for less serious speeding offences then you will receive 3 points on your licence and a £100 speeding fine.

If you have to go to court (which is normally for more serious speeding offences) there is a speeding fines and penalties tarrif set out below.


Table of speeding points

If you have to attend a magistrates court for your speeding offence, it is either because your speed has been too great to be dealt with by fixed penalty notice, you have a foreign licence or you chose to defend your speeding case when you were offered the fixed penalty notice. In the case of an appearance at cput it is likely that you will get a higher number of speeding points on your licence.