Speeding on driving lessons

Many people ask what happens if you get caught speeding on a driving lesson. Who gets the fine or points on their licence.

The answer is a slightly complex one. Certainly, since the learner is the driver then they are responsible and if found guilty will get a conviction. The position of the driving instructor is the slightly more complex one. They do have a degree of responsibility as they have a duty of care. They could be found guilty of aiding and abetting the speeding offence. However there is no law on the statute books dealing with this particular issue that says that the instructor is guilty of an offence.

The procedure will be that the registered keeper of the vehicle (either the driving school or the individual instructor will get the Notice of intended Prosecution. They will then need to complete the details on the form to notify the police force who the driver was at the time of the alleged offence. This of course will be the learner. The learner will then receive an NIP on which they will need to confirm that they were the driver. If they then state mitigating circumstances (for instance if they claim that the instructor should have stopped them from speeding/drawn attention to the speed limit sign etc), then the police may take the matter further with the instructor.

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